Vesta Templates

General Information

All templates for VestaCP can be found under /usr/local/vesta/data/templates. This includes templates for Apache httpd, nginx, bind and the skeleton files set per default whenever a new webdomain is added. If using a different platform, the path may vary.

General nginx Template

The http2ipv6.tpl and http2ipv6.stpl templates per default force the visitor to use HTTPS. It also enables HTTP/2 and the server to receive requests over IPv6 if your server supports it and your firewall does not block them. Feel free to use them instead of the default templates.

Apache httpd Template

The templates for Apache httpd may be found in /usr/local/vesta/data/templates/web/apache2. At least whenever using a different PHP version, consider changing the template.

nginx Template for the LD CLoud

In the LD Cloud article, we have shown how to set up the nginx web or reverse proxy server to

  1. Place a Cookie Consent Page
  2. Revoke your consent
  3. Set up a CDNized Nextcloud instance

The files ldcloud.tpl and ldcloud.stpl are template configuration files containing the configuration for all the points. You can use them as a base after having set up your Nextcloud instance. But keep the following prequisites in mind:

  1. You are using nginx as web server or reverse proxy
  2. Your Nextcloud instance is fully functional, set up and running
  3. Appropriate files for the paths cookieconsent, datenschutz and impressum are set up
  4. Your CDN is up an running in a way that it is able to deliver content
  5. The LD-Cloud template has not pre-set the appropriate CDN Domain yet. You must modify those parts

Once all above criteria are fulfilled, you can use the TPL template for HTTP and STPL template for HTTPS. That will result in HTTP being redirected to HTTPS.

if you are using a server management software supporting such templates (e.g. VestaCP and forks thereof), you can add the template files under /usr/local/vesta/data/templates/web/nginx after having modified it in a way that it uses your CDN domain.

Sample Templates

Here are some templates as text files: